The Royal game is looking for its participants in the region of Seefeld at the Int. Team speed chess tournament from 22. to 25. May 2015. More specifically, the tournament will be held in Leutasch in the alpenbad hall. Our Hotel is only ten minutes away and is an ideal place to focus on the Competition to prepare.

A few chess news

Who has not, even so exactly with the theme of chess will be apart, we want to give this post a small Overview. First of all, there is a chess Board, the playing field is. The field is divided into 8*8 fields, so a total of 64, the white half and black are dyed. At the beginning of a game, distributed to each player is exactly 16 characters in two rows. Each player has one king, one Queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns. The king has the main importance in chess. This game will be set on the character, Matt, ends the game immediately. This is also the goal of the game. A figure can be, if it is on the destination field in another piece of the opponent. It is always drawn alternately. Here, the duty to move a game character. A Suspend is not possible. Should the individual Rules of movement of the figures you have to sit down again in peace, and possibly a rule book to read. If you should be a spectator, you now know the goal of the game, and the coarse structure.

The team chess rapid tournament in Leutasch near Seefeld

In this variant, in the alpenbad room in Leutasch is played in teams of Four. Per team of two replacement players can participate. The Teams are divided into groups of a maximum of 16 Teams. Is played for a cash prize. In a quick chess tournament, each game is accompanied by a chess clock. It regulates the maximum game duration of a game. In this tournament, players have a maximum time-limit of 10 minutes for the first 40 moves. The entry fee is 50 Euro per team. For more information and how you can sign up here.

Whether as a team or just as a spectator, we would be delighted to have a visit in our beautiful Spa hotel. Enjoy peace and relaxation, then the chess tournament will be held in the region of Seefeld is a success.


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