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Who doesn’t fantasize about stopping in at the hotel after a strenuous day of skiing, mountain or bike tour, etc. and relaxing in the sauna, steam bath or infrared cabin? For this reason, immerse yourself in the cozy warmth of our sauna world with its various sweat baths!

Sauna mit Freunden

Enjoy our sauna area

Spend a couple of pleasant hours and relax in our sauna oasis including a Finnish sauna, bio sauna, infrared cabin, steam bath and solarium. You may want to add a final round of relaxation in our SPA & Vitaloasis afterwards. Our sauna world is available to you daily from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Your “adult” SPA hotel with sauna world

Taking a sauna is healthy and undeniably good for you. At our Wellness Hotel Schönruh, we offer a sauna world and relaxation areas including our pampering board as well as a refreshment corner with brain food.

Finnish sauna – a classic for sauna professionals

The Finnish sauna is practically the mother of all sauna worlds. With temperatures from 85 to 100 degrees, it is the right environment for seasoned sauna fans. The dry, very hot air promotes perspiration, has a detoxifying effect, stimulates the circulation and strengthens the immune system.

Sauna infusion – what a pleasure!

An optional highlight of every Finnish sauna is, of course, a sauna infusion just before the end of the sauna time. Aromatic infusions pamper you with soothing aromas, whereas the sudden moist heat provides the final kick.

Daily changing infusions and peelings

You can find out about the infusions offered on a particular day as well as the effects of the aromas used in our daily program. Either conveniently via the concierge app or at the reception.

Bio sauna – the gentle sister
Adults Only im Urlaub im Wellnesshotel Schönruh

The “little sister” of the classic sauna, with temperatures from 40 to 65 degrees, has a gentler effect on the body. Bio saunas – also called herbal saunas or sanarium – are considered to be skin-caring, health-promoting and mood-enhancing. They have a gentle effect on the cardiovascular system and are a good alternative to a hot sauna or steam bath.

Your steam bath is ready

The pleasant effect of a steam bath has been known since Ancient Greece. It is a sweat bath which, thanks to its combination of heat and moisture, is ideal for the respiratory tract and the skin. The ratio between heat and humidity is the exact opposite of that of a classic sauna. At temperatures between 40 and 55 degrees, the steam bath has a humidity of approx. 80 to 100%. Combined with warmth it is ideal, if you want to relax your airways or deep cleanse and care for your skin.

Swimwear allowed

Our Venetian steam bath is particularly recommended, if you can’t tolerate the heat well. Furthermore, it can also be used with swimwear.

Infrared cabin – great for the immune system

Enjoy the infrared cabin at the Wellness Hotel Schönruh and benefit from the valuable impulses for your health and quality of life! At 35 degrees, you’re going to work up a sweat that is gentle on your circulation and strengthens your immune system. Thus, enjoy the benefits of deep warmth complemented with 4-color therapy! It’s worth knowing that each color in the infrared cabin has its own effects on our well-being:

  • RED: stimulates the metabolism as well as digestion and has an overall invigorating effect.
  • BLUE: balances out the energies in the body and optimizes the energy flow.
  • YELLOW: lifts the mood and has a healing and cleansing effect on the skin.
  • GREEN: has a calming effect and offers relief for respiratory diseases (cough, bronchitis, etc.)
Solarium for a healthy dose of vitamin D

Here you can recharge your “batteries”: relax on our state-of-the-art sun lounger, let the warm light caress your body and get a healthy dose of vitamin D! Another positive side effect: a delicate tan. Not only does our solarium increase serotonin levels, it also benefits the oxygen metabolism. Ideal for leaving everyday life behind right from the start.


With an integrated fountain of youth

Wellness hotel in the Alps

The regular use of the sauna works like a fountain of youth. The well-dosed alternation between heat and cold not only relaxes the muscles, but also stimulates the circulation and metabolism. Besides, a visit to the sauna also strengthens the immune system and ensures rosy and beautiful skin.
Look forward to this 4-star luxury and send us your no-obligation inquiry for your wellness holiday in Seefeld, Tyrol immediately.

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