Wellness offer for pregnant women – enjoy a wonderful time out at the Wellnesshotel Schönruh in Tyrol. Here you will find many beautiful wellness ideas for expectant mothers.

Let yourself be pampered during pregnancy with our wellness offer for pregnant women. For your last holiday as a couple for the time being, we have put together numerous wellness treatments for you. We have also taken care of the necessary peace and quiet, because the Wellnesshotel Schönruh is “Adults only”. It’s even easier to relax there. That’s a promise!

Wellness during pregnancy

Your gynaecologist will have already told you how important it is to take good care of yourself during pregnancy. A wellness holiday for pregnant women – also known as a babymoon – gives you and your partner another opportunity to take a deep breath and relax in preparation for the miracle that awaits you. On the occasion:

Do you know the Shirodhara – the forehead cast?

This is one of the oldest treatments in Ayurveda. Shirodhara is also this Sanskrit term composed of two words: Shiro, the head, and dhara, the river. As the name already suggests, warm oil flows onto the head – more precisely onto the forehead – during Shirodhara. Between the eyebrows and the hairline is the so-called third eye. This point is considered to be the seat of our intuition, the location of the sixth chakra, the forehead chakra, as well as the so-called marma, an energy centre. In Ayurveda, it is believed that this point is connected to our intuition, our soul and our consciousness. When the warm oil hits this point, it is supposed to be stimulated. The oil pour is therefore mainly used for complaints in the area of the nervous system.
Typical cases are, for example, headaches, stress, psychological problems and sleeping difficulties. But Shirodhara is also very popular for pure relaxation.

Of course you will find many more

wellness treatments for pregnant women

for your holiday in Seefeld.

  • Facial treatments tailored to your skin type
  • Massages in supine position
    • Face, head and neck massage
    • Foot and hand massage
    • Head and foot massage
  • Body treatments
    • Spa manicure with Paraffin
    • Spa pedicure with Paraffin
  • and much more

Browse through your wellness offer for pregnant women in our Wellnesshotel Schönruh right now.

Here you will find our wellness programme specially designed for expectant mothers.


Of course, our qualified, trained team is always available for individual advice. Our wellness experts will make your babymoon in Seefeld unforgettable!

Could we convince you? Where could your babymoon be more beautiful than in Seefeld, Tyrol?
Give us a call or write us. We look forward to you!

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Wellness for pregnant women

Babymoon wellness offer

Wellness offer for pregnant women – enjoy a wonderful time out at the Wellnesshotel Schönruh…

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