Wellness from head to toe

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Treat yourself to a soothing break from everyday stress and bring body, mind and soul back into harmony. Massages stimulate the body’s energy flow and release the self-healing powers – the psyche is positively influenced.

Massages – relaxation for the entire body

Whether head massage or foot reflexology, targeted partial massage or massage of the whole body, massages are the ideal method to specifically release tension, stimulate circulation and loosen muscles. In addition, the touch of trained hands simply does you good. Our sports massage is particularly recommended, for example after an active day of hiking in the beautiful surroundings around Seefeld..


Our head and foot massages

Facial massage

Close your eyes, relax and enjoy.
Duration: approx. 25 min.

Lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic drainage is used for the detoxification and purification of the body. The immune system is strengthened and metabolism stimulated. The lymphatic massage has a soothing and relaxing effect.
Duration: approx. 50 min.

Foot reflexology massage

The sole of the foot is divided like a map: each area corresponds with a certain organ in the body. This treatment mobilizes the body’s own reserves and increases your vitality.
Duration: approx. 25 min.


Our partial and full-body massages

Partial body massage

We take care of the body zones that need to relax.
Duration: approx. 25 min.

Vital combi massage

The ideal combination of back massage and foot reflexology massage. First the tensions are harmonized, then the whole organism is activated.
Duration: approx. 50 min.

Full body massage

A massage to relax your entire body. From head to toe!
Duration: approx. 50 min.


Our wellness massages


Sports massage

Perfect for athletes after a strenuous day spent with hiking or on the slopes. Your complete body will be relaxed.
Duration: approx. 25 min.

Aromatic oil massage

This relaxing massage with pleasant aromatic oils will release tensions of the back in a gentle way.
Duration: approx. 25 min. / approx. 50 min.

Sauna - Peeling - Wellnesshotel Schönruh

Pamper your skin

Our peelings

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and reacts very strongly to external influences. Stress in everyday life or physical exertion are reflected in the skin. Take special care of this part of your body and revitalise the skin. A gentle peeling stimulates the body’s regeneration process – this has a very positive effect on the whole body. Afterwards, you will feel as if you have been reborn and can get going again.

Sea salt oil peeling

Slip into a new skin and feel the power of this tingling peeling mix of sea salt and aromatic oils. Relax afterwards and feel the velvety sensation on your skin.

Duration: approx. 25 min

Sugar Peeling

Peelings free the skin from ballast and make us look fresh and healthy. Sugar gently removes dead cells and promotes blood circulation. The skin can breathe and absorb the moisturising additives of the precious peeling.

Duration: approx. 25 min

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