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Wellness from head to toe

Treat yourself to a soothing break from everyday stress and bring body, mind and soul back into harmony.
Massages stimulate the body’s energy flow and release the self-healing powers – the psyche is positively influenced.

Sports massage

Perfect for athletes after a strenuous day spent with hiking or on the slopes. Your complete body will be relaxed.
Duration: approx. 25 Min.

Head massage

This massage relieves tensions in the area of the head. Ideal for migraine.
Duration: approx. 25 mins

Feel-good massage

Find your inner peace again. Just let go and enjoy.
Duration: approx. 25 mins

Partial body massage

We take care of the body zones that need to relax.
Duration: approx. 25 mins

Vital combi massage

The ideal combination of back massage and foot reflexology massage. First the tensions are harmonized, then the whole organism is activated.
Duration: approx. 50 mins

Full body massage

A massage to relax your entire body. From head to toe!
Duration: approx. 50 mins

Foot reflexology massage

The sole of the foot is divided like a map: each area corresponds with a certain organ in the body. This treatment mobilizes the body’s own reserves and increases your vitality.
Duration: approx. 25 mins

Aromatic oil massage

This relaxing massage with pleasant aromatic oils will release tensions of the back in a gentle way.
Duration: approx. 25 mins / approx. 50 mins

Lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic drainage is used for the detoxification and purification of the body. The immune system is strengthened and metabolism stimulated. The lymphatic massage has a soothing and relaxing effect.
Duration: approx. 50 mins

Facial massage

Close your eyes, relax and enjoy.
Duration: approx. 20 mins

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Peter | |

Cosy hotel with great food

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Fantastic hotel in a fantastic region

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Great hotel for young and old people

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Great hotel for relaxing and hiking

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Very nice hotel, good value for money

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Great hotel/Seefeld, will go again

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A hotel with wonderful ambience

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Very nice hotel, friendly staff

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