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Biathlon in Seefeld: try it out for yourself

Follow in the footsteps of Olympic athletes at the biathlon in Seefeld.

Have you ever wondered how it is to combine cross-country skiing with shooting sport? Come to Schönruh hotel in Seefeld and try it out! We have prepared some great offers for you.

Information on the biathlon sport

Biathlon had its beginnings as a sporting competition in the military field. In the late 19th century the first military competitions in the combination of cross-country skiing and shooting were organized between soldiers. The result of that were so-called military ski runs or military patrol runs, which are considered to be the forerunners of today’s biathlon. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognized biathlon as an independent winter sports in 1954. Today, the biathlon sport is one of the most popular winter sports with many viewers.

Biathlon is an endurance sport combined in the form of cross-country skiing and precision sports in the form of shooting. That is the biggest challenge in this Olympic discipline. Shoot a target after physical exertion is tremendously difficult. Pulse and breathing need to be controlled, the trembling of the hands must not affect the targeting. The small target circles have a diameter of 4.5 – 11.5 cm and five of them need to be hit in one round. Depending on the type of competition, the athletes are punished with an extra round or time penalty. The participants shoot from a lying or standing position, depending on the size of the target circles. It is more difficult to hit the target when standing, so the target circle here is bigger. Nowadays small-bore rifles are being used for the distance of 50 meters.

Our offer for the biathlon in Seefeld

You want to try something new? You like cross-country skiing but are missing a challenge? Then test your skills during some biathlon lessons. Our Biathlon Package contains private and group lessons and, in addition, a full-body massage, which relaxes your body and gives you new energy for the next day’s challenges. Further information on this and other packages can be found here. Visit us in Seefeld and combine biathlon and wellness during  your holiday.

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