Not only skiing is a popular winter sport, but also the ski touring around Seefeld. But what is ski touring exactly? Where are the differences to a regular run? And what should be considered when ski touring?

Up and down the mountain

The main difference between ski touring and regular runs is that you climb the mountain on skis and do not use lifts or funiculars. Special tour skis are used here, which are covered with (fake) fur. it makes climbing possible and does not hinder the ski run. Mostly prepared slopes are used both for climbing as well as for the run, but people often like to go on unused ski slopes and enjoy the untouched snow.

Those who want to ski off the ski run should have a lot of skiing and mountain experience. The run on unsecured slopes are at your own risk and you should be well equipped for this: appropriate skis and clothes, ski crampons to be able to climb on ice and harder snow.
You also have to be equipped for emergencies: avalanche transceiver equipment, avalanche probe, shovel, first-aid-kit and mobile phone. If you are planning to go on a tour for a few days, you should also bring a bivouac tent. Of course it is important to bring enough food and drinks.

Ski touring

Here are ten rules by the Austrian Ski Federation which should be followed by everyone going on a ski tour, in order to prevent conflicts:

  1. Special warnings and local regulations on the tour must be respected.
  2. Closed ski runs must not be used at any time!
  3. Climb only at the edge of the ski run; walk behind each other, not next to each other.
  4. If a run must be crossed, this has to be done on parts with a clear view and with enough distance.
  5. Freshly groomed slopes should only be used at the edge, in order not to affect the track quality.
  6. The ski runs have to be left at the times displayed.
  7. Make yourself visible. You should use headlights and reflecting clothes, especially in the night.
  8. Special slopes for ski touring have to be used.
  9. Dogs cannot be brought onto the slopes.
  10. There are parking spaces reserved for tour skiers and have to be used. Otherwise the general parking fee has to be paid.

Where to ski in Seefeld

If you follow these rules, you are a welcome guest in Seefeld. Ski touring is allowed in skiing areas Gschwandtkopf and Rosshütte. Find detailed information about climbing, the weather and avalanche situation and many more at our reception desk. Book your holiday now and enjoy unique moments in Seefeld!

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