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Paragliding in Tyrol

High up in the air

Paragliding in Tirol

It is time to spend a short holiday in Tyrol again. Here is a new and different idea for your leisure  activities. Did you ever want to see our beautiful Olympic region from above? You could try paragliding then and discover the world from another perspective.

A few facts about paragliding in Tyrol

Unlike skydiving, the paraglider is already open from the start. You usually start on  steep slopes. The pilot is connected with ropes to the glider, the so called wing. Part of the safety equipment is the emergency parachute, which will bring the pilot safely back to the ground, if there are problems with the main glider. Additional equipment is the altimeter, a GPS device and a radio set.

The paraglider is steered with steering ropes, which are connected to the glider. They are also called “brakes”, as a change of directions is achieved by controlled braking. When the pilot pulls one of the ropes, that side of the wing is folded and slows down the glider on the corresponding side. The paraglider reacts with a change of direction. A pull on both control lines slows the glider down, which is important during take-off and landing in order to control the altitude.
During a tandem flight the guest is fastened in front of the pilot and is sitting in his/her lap. Enjoy the aerial view on Seefeld and enjoy this special experience. Paragliding is also possible during winter. Try something new during your holiday in Seefeld!

From the sky to the hot tub

You will have a lot to talk about when you’re back on the ground. You could do that in a relaxed atmosphere in our wellness area. Calm down during a bath in the hot tub. The perfect conditions for your active wellness holiday in Seefeld! Book your individual short holiday in Tyrol now and soar above the clouds.

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