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Thalasso treatments

Wellness diversity from the ocean

Thalasso Behandlungen im Wellnesshotel

With the healing power of the sea, Thalasso treatments and therapies are particularly effective. Nutrients from sea water, algae, silt and sand are used for the treatments like baths, body wraps and scrubs. Already in ancient Greece people knew about the medical benefits of the sea and used the resources in medicine. Enjoy this maritime treatments in the wellness hotel Schönruh.

Why are Thalasso treatments so effective?

Recourses from the sea – trace elements, vitamins, proteins, mineral salts and amino acids – have a healing and preventive effect on the human body. Thalasso therapies improve the blood circulation, recuse cellulite and minimize blemished skin. The therapy ingredients also stimulate the metabolism and the body is being purified.

Which Thalasso treatments are offered at Schönruh hotel?

You can enjoy various vitalizing Thalasso treatments. Pamper your skin and test our sea salt oil peeling with fragrant aroma oils. Afterwards, you can relax in our hanging bed and enjoy the velvety feeling on your skin. Tighten your silhouette with an algae gel body wrap and refresh, purify and deacidify your metabolism with a Thalgo algae wrap.

For the improvement of your connective tissue in the area of abdomen, legs and bottom, we recommend the treatment Minceur Intégrative, a firming body treatment, which supports the drainage of the body as well as fat reduction. The Prèlude Marine slit treatment has a muscle relaxing effect, supports the blood circulation, prevents dry skin and tightens the connective tissue.

Find moe information about our spa treatments here.

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