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What makes Thalasso treatments so effective?

Thalasso – Meaning

The name “Thalasso” comes from the Greek word “thalassa” and means water. The effectiveness of thalassotherapy lies in two components: the healing salt in the sea and the vital minerals in the algae. Ideal for toning and purifying, good for the immune system and for recharging your batteries.

The resources of the sea contain many important trace elements, vitamins, proteins, minerals and amino acids that have a healing and preventive effect on our bodies. Thalasso therapies promote blood circulation, reduce cellulite and minimise blemished skin. Furthermore, the ingredients of the therapy boost the metabolism and the body is purified.


What thalasso treatments does the Wellnesshotel Schönruh offer?

Here at Schönruh you can enjoy a variety of vitalising thalassotherapy treatments.

Minceur Intégrative

Minceur Intégrative

Start the way to your dream body with the intensively firming shape-care treatment. A stimulating package will supply the skin with oxygen. Subsequently, two highly effective and refreshing care concentrates will tighten the skin and prevent new “paddings”.
Duration: approx. 80 mins

Thalgo algae pack

Thalgo algae pack

Find your inner peace again – with the power of the sea.
Duration: approx. 50 mins

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